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Pay Per Click Management

Generally speaking, pay per click advertising systems are not particularly difficult to use or operate. This is especially true of the Adwords PPC advertising system by the search engine Google.

Getting the desired results and return on your search engine marketing investment, in the shortest possible timeframe, is another matter altogether.

The reality is that the underlying principles that make pay per click advertising as powerful as it is are completely new to most business people. Even most "advertising firms" are not really up to speed on PPC. In the big scheme of things search engine marketing and PPC in particular are quite new. If you are considering adding pay per click advertising to your marketing strategy, you would be well advised to seek the assistance of someone with proven expertise in this area.

An experienced, professional PPC management expert will be able to assist you in getting highly-measurable, bottom-line results in the shortest possible time-frame and at the lowest overall cost. Some of the ways that a professional will ensure you achieve the best return on your PPC investment are:

Keyword List Development - There are always more and better keywords that can be used in a campaign than one might think at first. Thorough research will reveal an extensive list.
Negative Keyword List Development - Likely there a number of words that you want NOT to trigger your ad if it is included in a search query along with other words in your list. Again, research can identify these and they can be added to a negative keyword list. These will help prevent untargeted showings of your ad and prevents untargeted clicks.
Keyword Grouping - In order to be able to dislay the most highly relevant ads it is important to have your keyword list broken down into groups. Each group contains keywords that are closely related enabling you to have ads with content that is tightly focused on the exact subject matter of the keywords in question which will improve the percentage and quality of the clicks you receive from your ads which in turn will drive up the return on your search engine marketing investment.
Ad Text Writing - Well written ads are learned skill especially in this new medium. It is vital that your ad says what it needs to, based on the keywords entered into the search engine, in order draw a targeted click. Each group of keyword will likely have more than one ad associated with it. A professional will constantly monitor the performance of the various ads and make edits and adjustments in order to improve results.
Landing Page Selection - It's absolutely vital that when a search engine user clicks on your ad that they arrive at the right place on your site. This is rarely your site's homepage. They should arrive at the one page on your site that is absolutely the most relevant to the keywords that triggered your ad. In many cases, a professional will recommend that you create a new page on your site to support each group of keywords that are part of your campaign.
Landing Page Development - If a new, custom landing page is required for a group of keywords a professional can guide you on the proven best practices when it comes to landing page designm, layout and content.
Bid Price Management - Striking the perfect balance between the price you pay for clicks, ad positioning and maximizing results on a keyword by keyword basis is a real challenge is where many do it yourselfers throw away precious marketing dollars.
Campaign Monitoring - A PPC campaign is not static in nature and needs to be monitored and measured constantly and adjusted as necessary in order maximize results and minimize costs.

These are just a few examples of the special expertise that an experienced pay per click campaign manager will apply to your account in order to ensure that you achieve your objectives.

Until recently web site operators wanting help with creating and managing a pay per click advertising campaign were on their own when it came to determining the qualifications, expertise level and credibility of those offering such assistance. Thankfully, that has all changed with the introduction of the "Qualified Google Advertising Professional" designation. It is clear that Google realizes that in order for it to maximize its own profit potential it must have customers (PPC advertisers) that are running successful campaigns. It also recognized that most "do it yourselfers" are not going to have the skill set and experience required to extract the maximum benefit from an Adwords campaign. In response, Google launched a program whereby individuals could participate in an extensive training program, meet a number of stringent criteria and achieve official recognition from Google itself. Such individuals earn the credentials of "Qualified Google Advertising Professional" from Google. This web site serves to provide you with an easy way to locate these Qualified Google Advertising Professionals.

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