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Pay Per Click Advertising

Just what is "pay per click"?

Pay per click advertising, also referred to as "Adwords", PPC, cost per click, CPC, paid placement, sponsored listings, and a few other terms, is an advertising method used on the Internet. PPC advertising is most commonly found on search engines such as Google, Yahoo, MSN and the like but can also be found on web sites other than major search engines.

The basic premise behind pay per click advertising is that specific, highly-relevant ads are displayed to a web surfer in direct response to the keywords they entered into a search engine. The idea is that advertisements directly related to certain keywords would be of more interest to the prospect and as such are more likely to be read and, more importantly, clicked on. The advertiser is only charged a fee when their ad is actually clicked on which causes the surfer to arrive at the advertiser's web site. If done correctly, the advertiser ends up with a very targeted lead.

In most cases pay per click ads are simple text ads placed above or beside the "regular" search results and consist of a title, a line or two of description and the web address of the website the ad is for.

PPC advertising is unlike any other form of advertising in many ways and if done correctly can generate unprecedented results and return on investment. However, there is no question that pay per click campaigns can be colossal failures if mismanaged. The concepts and fundamental principles of this powerful, dynamic and multi-faceted marketing method is not understood by many business people. This makes sense when you consider that it really is a new medium and is nothing like traditional advertising methods.

Although there are many search engines and other web properties that offer some form PPC advertising the clear leader in the field is the search engine Google. Google's pay per click advertising system is known as "Adwords". The Google Adwords system is extremely powerful, flexible and highly evolved.

Google, in an effort to ensure that advertisers get the best possible value out of the Adwords system, has created a training program and official designation for those who wish to become proficient in developing and managing Google Adwords advertising campaigns. Web marketing experts that complete the training and meet the stringent requirements set out by Google are awarded the status of "Qualified Google Advertising Professional".

A Qualified Google Advertising Professional has undergone extensive training, passed an intensive examination with a mark of at least 80% and has demonstrated proficiency in actually managing live campaigns. Only after an individual has met these and other requirements are they awarded the title of Qualified Google Advertising Professional.

If you are considering exploring PPC as part of your web marketing strategy you would be well advised to consult with a Qualified Google Advertising Professional. Surely the improved return you will realize on your PPC investment will far outweigh any costs associated with seeking expertise. If you do decide to engage someone to assist you with your pay per click strategy it is highly recommended that you find a proven expert with the respected Qualified Google Advertising Professional credentials.

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