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Google Adwords Overview

Google Adwords is a powerful form of advertising that puts YOUR message right in front of a prospect at the very moment they are seeking what you offer.

Sound too good to be true?

Well, believe it, because it is 100% true.

Adwords is Google's version of pay-per-click or PPC search engine advertising.

The Adwords system is a highly effective advertising channel that allows for unprecedented ad targeting, ad timing, budget control, flexibility and results tracking. When utilized properly a Google Adwords campaign can deliver an amazing return on your advertising investment.

What makes the Adwords system so great? There are a number of benefits to pay-per-click advertising in general but the Google system offers some significant advantages over competing PPC providers

Google Adwords Advantages

Instant Activation - Once you have created a Google Adwords account, your ads begin running almost immediately. Everything is done online, from setting up your account to creating your keyword list and ads, to tracking results. Other PPC systems can take up to 5 days or longer to get up and running.

Ultra-Low Start-up Costs - Getting started with Adwords costs just $5.00 (US). After that you are billed for your "clicks" on a monthly basis after the fact. Other systems can cost as much as $199.00 (US) and many require you to prepay for clicks or provide a deposit of funds prior to ads running.

Immediate Updates - Changes to your keyword list, ad text, the page your ad points to and so on are all managed online and in near real time with the Google PPC system. Not so with many competing systems.

Quality Ads Rewarded - The search engine Google is all about relevance and that is carried over to the Adwords program where advertisers are rewarded with better ad placement if their ads are actually clicked on more often than competing ads. The more relevant your ad is to the keywords that triggered it and the better it is worded the more frequently it will be clicked on. Google earns revenue from your ad ONLY when it gets clicked on. All things being equal, ads positioned higher on the page will be clicked on more often. So, if you are ad performs well (gets clicked on frequently) Google knows it will get clicked even more often if they place it higher on the page. Google "does the math" on the click-through rate of your ad, combined with the cost-per-click, and compares that to competing ads. If it is determined that your ad will ultimately generate more revenue it is rewarded with a higher position on the page without an increase in cost... A genuine win-win situation.

Other PPC systems simply display ads from best position to worst based strictly on the maximum amount the advertiser is willing to pay for a click.

Geographic Control - The Google Adwords system allows for unparalled control as to where an Internet user must be located in order to view your ad. For example, if you run a local "delivery only" pizza business in Toronto, Canada there is no point in having people in Miami, Florida view your ad. There a number of ways that you can set the geographic parameters for your ad delivery from country-by-country, to state/province, to city and even distance from your location and other even more specific criteria. Of course, the system is not always completely accurate due to the nature of the world wide web. In some instances a user's geographic location is inaccurately reported by their Internet service provider. Having said that, there are a number of techniques that can be used to compensate for this that a Qualifed Google Adwords Professional would be able to assist you with.

Ad Reach Options - All Adwords ads are displayed on the Google web site for the countries/regions you choose. In addition, you can elect to have your ads displayed on other "search" properties. These are web sites that are not primarily search engines but do offer "Google-powered" search options on them. As well,
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